Quantitative Research Plans: Instruments and Survey Protocol

The topic is about auction websites. Can you help me in 250 words and three references in the attached template of measurement instrument selection? The topic is auction website. Measurement Instrument Selection Using correct APA format and style, submit the following information (even if you plan to use a survey protocol). You may use the Constructing a Formal Research Design Template (found in Resources) if you wish.State the research question(s) for your study.List the variables to be measureduse APA (2010) format for lists, as found on p. 63 of the 6th Edition Manual. Be sure that the variables align to your proposed research question:Identify the independent variable(s) and the dependent variable(s) in an experimental or quasi-experimental study, or;Identify the predictor and the outcome variable(s) in a predictive study, or;Identify the variables being correlated in a correlational study, or;Identify the variable(s) being asked about in the survey.For each variable you have identified, provide the following explanation about the instrument(s), in a single paragraph, beginning “To investigate the variable [name the variable], the following instrument will be used.” Then give this information in a series of complete sentences:Name of the instrument.Copyright information if any.Publication data (date and journal or other venue of publication).Constructs (variables) being measured by the instrument.Population the instrument was normed for.Validity coefficients or other statistics.Reliability coefficients or other statistics.Be sure to properly cite your sources and give a full reference list.

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