master dissertation

When marking it, I will be looking for:Title: A good clue about the agenda – what you will do.Abstract: What the project is about, brief and to the point, only a hint of background, no definition of acronyms.Introduction: Just that, a clear statement to put the reader in the picture about what you will do in the project.Background: All the ‘needs’, ‘why’, ‘who has done what before’, work you are taking as a starting point, with properly formatted citations to your references.Methodology: What you will need to prepare to gather your data. If you intend using a survey, then define the survey questions, if you are data mining be precise about what you will look for, and where.Analysis: What you will do with your data to draw a conclusion. How will you process it? What will you look for?Conclusion: And what are you trying to prove or disprove, how will your analysis affect it?Safety: YOUR personal safety conducting the research, clear disclaimer if the research involves no risk.Bibliography: Strictly observing the Harvard standard, including the format of citations. No ‘naked’ URLs.And make sure that if anything is copied, including figures, they are properly acknowledged with a citation (not just a mention in the references) making it clear what is not ‘your own’.

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