Hi the first file show some instruction my topic is the first one which is Electricity+Water…

Hi, the first file show some instruction, my topic is the first one which is Electricity+Water Issues in developing countries, the second file is the solution of this, I got it from this website but I need modification on it, the sources are in the second file, but the problem with the written essay is that the problem is almost 90% of the essay while the solution is only 10%, I want the problem to be maximum 40% and the rest is the solution. Additionally, there should be a minimum of two quotes, they shouldn’t contain statistical information. Moreover, I need the following:1) Notes of 2 or more sources (Min. of 1 A4 page with combined of 2 sources)2) Copies of complete paragraphs from original sources in which information was used as quotes (x2) in your paper.- Highlight exact section of text used as quote draw border around paragraph.3) Copies of 2 paragraphs from sources which were paraphrased/summarized in Academic Paper #2 [Samples to highlight paraphrasing]- Cut+Paste each paragraph from different original sources onto 1 A4 page (reducefont if necessary), then collate with paraphrased/summarized sections used inPaper:(Original text / Paraphrase / Original text / Paraphrase) Title/Author top of eachThese are to show my work to the instructor.Finally, the deadline is Tuesday, 7th of December, 8:00 AM GMT

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