Communication Dicussion Question 8

Cultural Communication Paper
In chapter 5 we learned about nonverbal communication and how it interacts with and compliments verbal communication. We also discovered that the majority of the message meaning comes from nonverbal communication. The chapter describes 9 types of nonverbal communication: kinesics haptics physical appearance artifacts proxemics environmental factors chronemics paralanguage and silence.
Choose five of the nine types of nonverbal communication and write a 2-3 page paper using your textbook as your main reference.
First define the type of nonverbal communication.
Next explain what it communicates nonverbally about you. For example how do you use kinesics and what does that communicate about you? Do people sometimes misinterpret what your face and body motions mean? What do your artifacts say about you if anything?
Finally address how your culture influences the way in which you communicate nonverbally.
Make sure to include an introduction and conclusion.
The paper must be typed in Microsoft Word 12 pt. font Times New Roman.
Put your name and date in the top left hand corner of the paper.

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